Why Entrepreneurs Need the Second Half?

To the one, without whom I wouldn’t levitate by an inch.
If you take a look at people considered successful you’ll often find that they were linked with strong feelings with someone else. Albert Einstein, Jack Welch, or Roger Dowson and others who impacted reality in significant way openly admit how much impact their marriages had on their way to success.
As I have been blessed to experience this phenomenon myself, let me share with you, why should you seek a deep relationship with another person.
1. The second half will be the first instance for honest feedback. You should appreciate that and ask them often “What do you think?”. It’s the second half you’ll turn to for mock-up interviews, negotiation strategies and sales strategies. The more different person she or he is from you, the more you’ll learn.
2. The second half will not only easily advise on your perpetual tie dilemma, and help you to start your day. If you are propitious enough, they will also make sure you will not starve or get dehydrated. It appears to be really useful in case you experience one of these blissful productivity moments or acts of brain-origami, which make you accidentally forget about the whole world.
3. Preventing from starving or dehydration also refers to sport events you may take part in, including long distance runs in particular. No one else, but your second will come up with “homemade power muffins” and something to drink at the route, in case you are not a fan of running with bottles in the hand or backpack. And hunger after 20th kilometer while doing the marathon cannot be compared to anything else, after 30thone you start dreaming about eating a whole cow. She or he will be there your biggest and most devoted fan.
4. The second half will be the instance of last resort when you are active in the web and no one want to give you endorsement, like, to share or retweet whatever digital content  you create and publish. If you ask very kindly you may even be given a feedback on the content before it goes viral on whether it’s appealing for broader audience.
5. The second half is the source of “daily inspiration chunks” always if you are open and listen for them. Recently I was inspired to start thinking about launching a blog for novice entrepreneurs who have a home-made product, but don’t know how to sell it or finance their development. I’m starting to think that there might be a niche for something like this.
Einstein’s memorandum to his wife may seem horrid at a first glance, but I think it’s something wonderful to find a person, who will accept not only your best side, but also your quirks and even some selfish demands, communicated honestly, and heard up without fussing. The important thing to remember is that it should also work in reverse.
So be good to your second half. And don’t forget about making incoming St. Valentine ’s Day special.
                                                       Source: Own pictures library.
Dzida !