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Tomasz Pilewicz

Practitioner of new business opportunities exploration, and enthusiast of doing thing first or different from the others

About Me

I am an Assistant Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics and former Principal Consultant in Healthcare Transformation Services at Philips. Prior to Philips, I was a Senior Consultant in Business Advisory Department of PwC.

I hold a PhD in Economics received from the Warsaw School of Economics and Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation from WU Executive Academy. 

Why to work with me?

I have been working in the international business consulting and technology industry (PwC, Philips) with a focus on new market entrances and launching new products and services.

I performed multiple coaching and mentoring, and masterclasses assignments for start-ups and scale-ups oriented on advancing their business journeys (European Institute of Innovation and Technology). 

I am proficient in the assessment of business grants applications including financial analysis and valuation (National Centre for Research and Development, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Industrial Development Agency). I always adapt work methodologies to the profile of your business by being proficient in disciplined entrepreneurship and navigating the innovation cycle approaches. I also support the domain of artificial intelligence, which you can learn more about at dedicated website –

Organizations I've worked with

My value proposal for you

Market Position Analysis

I will perform market position analysis indicating competitiveness of your business in comparison to competitors and substitutes of your product, or service.

You will benefit from market position analysis by learning what is attractive for the customers you target, and what the chances for you to gain market share in the medium and long term

Development Strategy and Business Plan

I will develop strategy for you indicating resources, activities and tasks needed to be undertaken to effectively compete and become recognized at the market.

You will benefit from development strategy and business plan by gaining insights on what organizational, marketing, sales and financial enablers are needed to enter the market, and to compete effectively.

Financing Options, Business Valuation and Go-to-Market Plan

I will define financing options for you ranging from internal and external sources of funding oriented on launching your product, or service. Go-to-Market will define segment of customers you should focus on to grow your business in the first run to expand your activity.

You will benefit from financing and go-to-market by gaining options for your business financing, learning on the value of your business, and getting the insights where are the first customers to engage with for business pilots and sales activities.


I will provide a personalized course for you and your team, introducing topics of market position analysis, strategy development, financing and valuation and go-to-market plans. I will also introduce you to the topics of building relations and networking with business stakeholders in the technology domain, including corporates.

You will benefit from the masterclasses by reaching broader audience on your side.
Masterclasses will also summarize business growth relevant topics and methodologies


How will we work together?

Introduction workshops

At this stage of our cooperation we will explore trends transforming the industry you are operating withing to define distinguishing factors of your product, or service value proposal.   

In-depth workshops

Within series of  in-depth workshops we will work out market position analysis, development strategy, business plan, financing options and go-to-market plan.


For the masterclasses we will work out specific needs you would like to have covered during the course, examples and practical tools you would like to be provided with. We will discuss participants and the set-up of the masterclasses to meet yours and your team’s expectations.



Deliverables of our cooperation

You will receive executive summaries of our work, together with tools enabling you to work further in your development journey.

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