What’s Big Deal About Saying Hi?

Recently a colleague of mine shared with me an observation that his supervisor is not replying anything to “hi” when passed by in the corridor. Does not replying to greeting, or even not weaving a hand sound familiar you? 

If so, you’d better change it quickly and consider spotting people’s presence when they are within the reach of your sight and your views might cross. Say “hi” when you are close enough to hear each other without shouting and exchange the handshakes in case you stop to talk for a moment.

The “ritual” of exchanging handshakes has a profound meaning deriving from ancient times. Showing you have nothing in your hand meant your intentions are sincere and you do not plan to harm the person you are meeting with. This is also the first thing you do when you start building relations. So remember to keep your drink in the left hand at the business cocktails to have your right one free, dry, and ready to introduce yourself. It shows that you are a professional. 

I hope I don’t need to even remind, that you handshake should always be firm and confident. If you started talking and the heated conversation keeps rolling as new people are joining, remember to make an eye contact with them at least, so they don’t feel ignored.

The first rule of being a gentleman or a lady is that no matter what happens to you, you should never your problems someone else’s problems. You should preserve an upbeat and unshakeable attitude at any time.

So what do you do when asked “how are you”? You reply politely and ask about the same the person, who asked you about it. If constantly replying “I’m fine” sounds boring for you, make yourself a challenge to answer the question differently each time. There are so many adjectives and phrases expressing great attitude that you can impress others with.

So instead of saying “I’m fine, thanks. How are you?”, consider going with I’m:

– awesome
– delightful
– delicious
– faboulous
– outstanting
– splendid
– spectacular
– terrific
– first-class
– top-octane
– out-of-this-world
– elevated
– majestic
– magnificent
– smashing
– glorious
– accelerated
– orgasmic 

So how are you?

Source: www.pinterest.com