Don’t Design for Designers. Design for People

To the chief innovation officer I admire and conquer the cosmos with.
When it comes about living in the cities in 21stcentury, we may observe that still many, which belong to basic needs remain unfulfilled.


To fill that void, I think we need more of clever innovations in city spaces, that give a shelter or make urban jungle experience easier, or just a bit more fun. For example, let me inspire you with what RainCity Housing did in Vancouver. They have installed park benches, which fold out into miniature shelters and welcome the homeless instead rejecting them. Can social inclusion be delivered with workable and cost-effective solutions?


IBM shows that you can turn advertisements into urban furniture create places where you can sit, find a shelter or make daily travels easier. By the way it makes people look at the advertisement, not just pass by, what gives clear rationale for private sector companies to engage.



Have you arrived at the airport or railway station too early or has your journey just been delayed? Thinking about having a nap before going further? Sleepboxes and mini-hotels for weary travelers to are another example of urban innovations. You can find one of such, installed by Arch Group, at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. I think it’s usage at academia campuses or scientific libraries could be could be even bigger (of course only for decent purposes, like resting between classes and such).
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If you are a city biker, then you are familiar with the challenge of looking for a place to pin your bike to whenever you need to make a stop. If you also agree that standing at your desk is so last year, then you should check out urban furniture making city pedaling experience unique with indulging moments for coffee. By the way the “Pit In” concept pictured below was nominated Design Report Award in Milano Salone Satellite.
If someone tells you that the urban innovation concepts you want to pursue are too big, don’t let small minds to convince you. Take a look for urban innovations co-financing opportunities, including regularly organized challenges sponsored by the city mayors, or calls for EU money projects for example call for “Smart cities and communities” organized by the European Commission.

Looking for inspiration how to start innovation in order to make your neighborhood more livable and citizens friendly? Visit the blog of BerlinStreet Art group Mentalgassi, who are changing ordinary urban spaces into pieces of art.

In the end, creativity is intelligence having fun!

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