What entrepreneurs can learn from James Bond?

No matter which episode of 23 James Bond movies you’ll watch there are certain things which doesn’t change in creating commander’s Bond superior advantage in fighting his opponents and rescuing the world. I believe these things are informational insights intercepted at the earliest stage possible with an idea on how to make use out of them.

In business in most of the cases we don’t have business intelligence team backing us up from the MI6 or fancy gadgets making information interception easier. It doesn’t mean we can’t have our own business intelligence providing great business value potential as early as possible, and for free of course. So how could we convert bondish secret sauce into entrepreneurship practice?

So if you are at the moment of defining what your business should be, you can:

1) Check Google Trends to know now what and where precisely is becoming “more in” and deploy Google Alerts to follow it closely

2) Check
McKinsey Insights and AT Kearney’s Executive Agenda for bigger picture of changes happening on the markets, forces driving them, and opportunity they create.

If your business is about providing value within anything doing something concernig infrastructural investments you can:

1) If you operate globally register in Infrastructure Journal and check what infrastructural investments are to be done in the future, what are their budgets, and who is involved in their preparation and design

2) If you operate in the European Union register in
Tenders European Daily. Check what investments will take place in the future and what are their estimated budgets. You can also use TED for market trends and market niches identification analysis

3) If you operate in Poland register in Investment’s Compass to have insights on investment’s planned in places or future nvestment’s value thresholds you are interested.

There are of course much more sophisticated tools like investments signals databases or ISI Emerging Markets Information Services (ISI), which provide superior insights but not always free of charge. If you are a student you can always check what data libraries and services are offered by your alma matter you might be surprised if it turns out that your school is giving you access to ISI, which  standard yearly subscription can cost up to EUR 1 million.

They say that driving business can become easier if you know where you are heading and who is already the race. Other bondish secret sauce ingredients have much to with managing stakeholder’s expectations and making lasting impressions we leave them with. So if you just need an ice-breaker for networking event, business meeting, teleconference, or a phone call you’ll do well providing you’ll do one of these 😉

                                                        Source: www.pinterest.com