How to Get into Infinite Inspiration Cycle?

I’m often asked how to get inspired or create new business ideas. So let me present you tricks that I use myself to keep my creativity buzzing.

1) I rarely read only one book at time. What keeps me intellectually stimulated is mixing subjects and narrative styles of several books at least. At the moment I indulge myself in learning how US Marines behaviors create trust and can generate business from “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek (whom you already know from previous post) and how to become edge-hugging, Tom Sawyer-ish and virtual-pipecontrolling return maximizer from “Eat people” by Andy Kessler.

2) I don’t limit myself with eating wisdom chunks from written word only. What makes me thinking and hugely impacts my imagination are audiobooks and interviews with business icons, mavericks, and the future designers. You can easily find them as audio versions of business books at Amazon, whereas the latter can be found at Tim’s Ferris blog. Tim’s podcastsare easily downloadable for free. For me few things are better than a portion of fresh thoughts on sharpening business acumen, developing imagination and mental performance during the morning runs. For more you can always source YouTube and make use of “YouTube to mp3 converter”.

3) I network for collaborating and ideas sourcing. If you can’t get to business mixer subscribe with your e-mail to start-up and business societies, chambers of commerce and academic clubs or simply create own event in your place. Good way to engage in an interesting conversation is to ask people when was the last time when they did something for the first time.

4) I share things which may be useful for somebody else. You read all this books, listen to podcasts and think that some ideas are good, but not exactly for you? Think who may utilize them and share it. If what you do inspires others to bigger dreams, learning, taking actions and becoming a better person, then you are a leader. And good things do always come back.

5) I don’t move without something to make notes in. You never know when and from whom you may hear inspiring words that are worth down. I don’t lay down my notebook even in the evening when watching a movie or TV series. You’ll find a lot of wisdom in every work of fiction if you’ll look for it. I did some stats and it occurred that I wrote down 649 quotes in last only. When I’m asked ask to deliver a business advice, workshops, a speech or qualitative feedback I often get back to notes I made to pick up thoughts, quotes or case studies, which perfectly fit and allow me to fully capitalize what I already worked out. It’s a great method for boosting all works requiring creative thinking, and it will give you solid foundation for your own articles and books you work on or would like to write. Don’t write too much, unless you are eagerly asked for more by your Twitter account followers 😉

Mind enriching tactics are important as well as giving a break for your brain, to have it digested and connected with what you already know. To walk the talk and being recently inspired toward mastering some of ball room behaviors I’d better run to catch intense Latin dance weekend classes I’ve just enrolled 😉


                                      Typical Sunday morning. A few inspiring titles and me…


Dzida !