How are the New Ideas Born?

They say that innovation is much about connecting already existing dots in a way no one did before.

You may also hear that it is about seeding oneself with inspiring content and letting itself to grow like DNA moleculses create purposefull double helix.

Then you may  aks you could find some clever bites you could apply your brain linking juice and some new value could be created ?

Here are some sources you might find useful  in that context:

Inc. – great if you look for interviews and testimonials of mind & soul shakers, who succeeded,

Entrepreneur – you will appreciate it for insights on newest trends and discussed breakthroughs,

Entrepreneur’s Startups – probably the best source of knowledge if you consider franchise business model,

Harvard Business Review – you will like for high quality content provided by reputable authors,  case studies to learn from and also for the blogs,

GetAbstract – source of the newest and also classic business books summaries enabling almost infinite inspiration. You may be surprised by your academia or employer having already granted you the subscription;-)


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Dzida !