Don’t Dream about Conquering the World, just Do it.

Looking for business partners, mentors and coaches in your start-up journey ? Or maybe you’d like to become  one ?
Why don’t you take a look at hundreds of advertisements in jobs section left by start-ups being accelerated by Google co-working spaces? Google Campuses enabling creative synergy of start-ups are part of Google for Entrepreneurs initiative actively operated in London or Tel-Aviv. These places are not only about co-working spaces, but also workshops, conferences, guest speeches and business-networking.

Till 2012 campus in London had 22 000 registered members, organized over 1100 events  participated by over 70 000 people so it’s not only  about shooting ideas’ creators to the moon, but  also about socio-economic regeneration of city spaces.

And guess what? Google Campus is coming to Warsaw! It’s not only officially confirmed by Eric Schmidt to the Prime Minister of Poland, but also by Google’s official recruitment for Campus Warsaw Manager.

Google in Poland already supports start-ups, e.g. by Digital Economy Lab initiative together with University of Warsaw or New Europe Challengers together with Visegrad Fund, Financial Times and  Res Publica, and where new generation of leaders spinning innovativeness of Europe is looked for.

Stay tuned and expect unexpected sooner than you think. Limitation exist only if you let them 😉