What is in EU money for you?

Are there any public sources of start-up activity co-financing right here, right now? What has European Commission to do with co-financing of promising, innovative and disruptive ideas?

It looks that there is positive answer for both of these questions. Registered start-up at the beginning of their venture fall under definition of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). For boosting activity of such a dedicated financing instrument called “SME Instrument” under Horizon 2020 programme” of European Commission was prepared.

For Information Communication Technologies (ICT), like e-services or apps, their creators can apply for 70% of co-financing up to EUR 2,5 m in Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme till 17th of December 2014.

What this co-financing means in practice? Here it means that for each of EUR 3 of your equity, European Commission will boost you with 7 EUR of public money to move your invention to prototyping, demonstrating and commercialization, deal closing phase.

How reaching out for this money looks in practice? You use dedicated “Participants Portal” guiding you step by step and enabling to fill-in and submit whole application. What would be success factors? You will find them in applicant’s guidelines at “Participants Portal” mentioned, but in a nutshell cross-EU character of your invention and its global potential are welcomed.

Innovations don’t end with ICT. Under “SME Instrument” topics you will find schemes supporting bio and nanotechnologies, eco-innovation, transportation and many more.

Embrace a larger purpose and go for this money sparky!
Dzida !