Ziga, ziga, ziga wow, Who’s Got the Keys to the World now?

Sincere congratulations for ESBIConference 2014 business block winners – FiNDEE, and academic block – Disruptive Innovations, and all emerging businesses and breakthrough concepts rockers incl. Real Nappies, Drones, Charity Auctions, Food Up, Future of Education, Backpacker, Lean Start Up, Patent Pools, and many, many more…
You proved that blossoming ideas you believe, work on and nurture can create meaningful change in the world we live in, and are worth developing. They say that it is much about willingness to contribute and ability to execute 😉

Before the next edition of the event, and for those of you, who are within travel reach of Warsaw we  bring attention to Start-Up Art event, testimonials & workshops planned for 20th of May 2014.

Dzida !