The Next Big Thing

Have you watched Back to the Future, or maybe the right question is have you watched Back to the Future thousand times ?

You must admit that there has always been something really entrepreneurial about Marty McFly, not only when he was singing Johny B. Goode in front of audience hearing rock and roll for the first time in life, or speeding 88 mph into the unknownin his DeLorean.


If you are still looking Nike shoes with power-laces in the shops, and on the way to work you listen  “The Power of Love” , you are going to love this !


And this time it is not Marty McFly coming back in next episode of cult-classic series, although there is also something about it 😉


A magnetic field hover board is just being created! These are not high speed fans under or jet engines making it levitate, but the power of magnetic fields!
Physics of magnetic fields is incredible, and you be part of bringing it to new way of travelling by supporting it through 😉


They say that people rise by lifting others. I think it could be pretty aligned brand promise statement of hover board inventors 😉


Dzida !