Start up our Health with EIT Health!

EIT Health is healthcare focused initiative of European Institute of Technology with a budget of EUR 2 bln. EIT Health aims to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in the area of healthy living and active ageing in Europe by incubating 340 new business ideas, creating of 165 start-ups, and launching 160 new services  and products in 2016-2018.

Key areas of interest of EIT Health are biotech, medtech, and digital health enabling: self-management of health, motivation for active lifestyles, ageing with a healthy brain,  treating and managing chronic diseases.

Why start-ups should  consider joining EIT Health? It not only offers new forms of  supporting  enterpreneurship , but also gives advantage ofexpertise of over 140 leading healthcare companies and organizations, which are the partners  of the initiative , including: Philips HealthTech, IBM, Siemens Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Medtronic, Abbott, Abbvie, Roche, Sanofi, Astra Zenca, Bayer Pharma, and Merck.

EIT Health headquarters are in Munich, and its branches  are in London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris, Mannheim, Heidelberg, and Rotterdam. EIT Health also nurtures network of so called InnoStars, which are regional clusters of industry partners, academia, and healthcare in Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Wales.

Some of the most interesting initiatives for start-ups led by EIT Health in 2016 include:

GoGlobal aiming to provide start-ups with competences needed for growth and international expansion, which is already under execution.

GoGlobal DigiHealth offering   travels to Silicon Valley, US for hands-on experience to boost start-ups internationalization by participation in GSV Labs and Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, US, between 25th-28th of September 2016 . The start-ups will also have a chance to pitch Silicon Valley Health 2.0. Delegation. Deadline for submissions is 29th of April 2016.

EIT Health Accelerator Programme  that will cover ideation, discovery, validation, scaling-up,  preparation of pitch video, invitation to EIT Health Innovation Summit, and vouchers to join other initiatives of EIT Health, such as LaunchLab, GoGlobal, or Test Beds & Living Labs. The latter provide unique conditions for execution of Proof of Concept phase of start-ups’ inventions. Deadline for submissions is 31st of July 2016

Learn more about other initiatives of EIT Health in 2016 including Local Trainings, Business Plan Competition, Investors Network, Proof of Concept Projects, and Market Coach here.