E-stonia – a Nation of Digital Natives?

Estonia has become the first country in the world to offer e-residency with state-proven digital identities giving an access to registering businesses, signing contracts, online banking, education, healthcare and thousands of other local services. Until now Estonia has issued more than 1 100 000 of e-ID cards
Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia with population exceeding 430 000  is the seat of companies like Skype or GuardtimeThe latter is public-private partnership of Estonian government and private sector, which lead to creation of keyless signature infrastructure used in Estonia, but also by world telecommunication giants such as Ericsson. That’s why Tallinn is vastly visited by governments to learn more about e-government and cybersecurity.
It is commonly considered that Tallinn  offers entrepreneurs one of the deepest pools of technical talent per capita among European capitals and in 2014 Estonian companies were among top 50 of the fastets-growing technology companies in Central Europe.
Are e-residencies also a way to tackle the challenge of depopulating and slowing down Europe?
E-residency was primarily aimed at those who had connection with Estonia through business, studying or tourism, but now in fact it offers digital services for people with no Estonian affiliation. So yes, it’s entrepreneurial way of leading demographic policy in modern world and attracting new business to the country.

If you look for a space in science park with neighborhood of companies like Toggl.com or Defendec take a look at Technopol– a Start-up Incubator, which cooperates closely with Tallinn University of Technology and IT College.
When looking for a co-working space you might be interested in Technololis Ulemiste located near the Tallinn airport and seat of companies like Signwise or ZeroTurnaround. Garage48 HUB is a place for you if you look for something in the centre of Tallinn.
When looking for government co-financing of start-up activity just turn to government led initiative managed by Estonian Development Fund called Startup Estonia.
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