What you Should Know about PIMS?

Have you ever wondered which drivers explain profitability of organizations?

Profit Impact of Market Strategies (PIMS) Programme analyzed thousands of case studies to conclude that there is a clear set of drivers, which greatly determine whether the way you do business will generate you the profit or not. Non-regarding which sector you operate of course.

PIMS Programme proved that there are 15 drivers, which explain 75% of variation in profitability.

The most important, which explain 50% of this are:

1) “Market share” – you’ll find here why it’s so important to increase it,

2) “Productivity” – which is about following the experience curve, also known as The Boston Curve, as it was developed in 1960’s by Boston Consulting Group,

3) “Relative quality”, which is about how customers perceive what you offer it compared to competitors,

4) “Investment intensity”, which is about what you do with the profit you earn.

The “golden rule” toward including these drivers in your growth strategies is “get max” for market share, productivity and relative quality” with “get minimum” in investment intensity at the same time.

You can find more on other PIMS drivers in The PIMS Principles: Linking Strategy to Performance by R. Buzzel and B. Gale. They include among others rate of innovation and the way you protect your unique differentiators from competitors or simplicity of logistics of your offer to customer.

So, what’s the driver of your strategy ?

Dzida !