Place Where Investors Pitch the Start-ups

If you are tired of perfecting your business plan and honing your pitch instead of focusing on growing your business, might be just the right solution for you.

Motto of is “Grow, don’t pitch. Let your data do the pitching”. The data has in mind relates to quantitative evidence of customers demand of your product or service, and of how it fits the market. In start-up world such evidence is called traction. is a digital, web-based platform providing data analytics compatible with Google Analytics, Stripe, Mixpanel, Braintree, and other interfaces, which measure traction of users of your business. What provides extra is enabling investors that are registered on the platform to see your growth, what may trigger them to contact and pitch you. can also coach you in better understanding of traction through dedicated dashboard it provides to present new users acquisition (also those coming from referrals), activation, retention, and sales conversion. Nowadays traction is used by investors as indicator to assess start-ups growth potential and investment risk, therefore you might find it valuable to understand its principles well. You can find more on its fundamentals here.

The platform is worth to be considered by early stage start-up developing software, or hardware driven by connected software, especially in areas of mobile applications, e-commerce, software as a service, or two-side market platforms. Such start-ups should be easily compatible with what requires from its users.

Unique value of is to enable start-up founders to focus on growth and scaling up the business in very first stages and simultaneously to enable tracking this growth for potential investors. It might save time for preparing, polishing, and mastering of business plans and pitches. It might not perfectly substitute a direct meeting with investors where you can often count on honest feedback, however it might prepare you well for such a meeting.

On the other side of the platform there are investors, who like, as it enables them to discover, follow and pitch to early stage start-ups. The rule of is that it’s investors, not the start-ups, that have to make the contact first, what is quite a change in paradigm of contemporary start-ups-pitch-world.

The platform was founded in 2015 and have gathered around 200 VC firms, investors, and start-up accelerators. Its founder, Clarence Wooten explains the rationale behind this new way of raising seed funding here.

Investors might also like Mattermark, which makes sense of data about start-ups and companies growth, and can personalize the results according to your search criteria. Mattermark might be interesting especially for seed funds, VC funds, and investment portfolio managers, who look for fast growing companies, have clear expectations about investment opportunities, and would simply not like to miss them. Mattermark can be also supportive in developing B2B and partnership relationships for companies, and through generation of leads contribute to growth of those, which target well.