First Who, then What


So you got an idea to set up a business, to be so successful that Clients will not only be satisfied but seriously stroked with how good you your people and tell about it to strangers spotted in the streets.

This is the moment you spotted it refers not only to you, but also about the people thinking with you together how you are going to win. As Jim Collins,author of “Good to great”, once spotted, gathering right people to the bus is far more important than knowing where the bus should go. Therefore reaching out and inviting people, who will make your dreams come true seems pretty important, right ?


You may think that there recruiting a teammate to a business, which is just emerging costs a lot? Nothing more wrong than that. There are literally hundreds of places where people look for joining new business venture on volunteer basis, incl. e.g. start-up campuses and people offering virtual hands-on engagements.


So what criteria should you apply when working on buy-in and reaching out to potential candidates?

Let’s be serious and agree that people who offer joining new business ventures on volunteer basis may not have enough experience you look for. But hey, who said that some kind of experience is important at all?


In case of new businesses believing in the concept are far more important than experiences, hence you look for people, whose smartness and energy substitutes experience well.


Even Jack Welch, author of “Winning” referring to corporate environment doesn’t refer to experience while sharing with best candidates recruitment approach. Jack Welch proposes “4E + P” formula, which in context of start-ups sounds better than anywhere else. According to this formula, in order to win, you should always look for people, who:


       have energy and drive, are not feared to go forward, love changes and challenges,


       have ability to energize others, they can inspire others to do impossible and are not afraid to cherish the hardship of everyday work,


       have the edge and are brave in taking up tough decisions, what especially refers to taking up decisions when no full information needed is available,


       have ability to execute, what means going forward against all odds, chaos and surprises, because people, who know what they want know that winning is about results,


       have passion, what means sincere, honest, deep and authentic fascination with work and everything around. Basically passion is appetite for life 😉


They say that before you become a leader success is about yourself and yourself only. Setting up emerging business by you may be perceived as such.
They also say, that when you’ll invite others to work with you, the success will be not about yourself, but people you’ll develop and change you create together with.
Isn’t that noble, but also pretty exciting purpose to invite others to grow and win?
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