Do you Hate Making Decisions and Wanna Feel Important ? Hold a Meeting!

No matter how developed your business undertaking or ongoing work engagements are, you probably attend or organize some meetings.

Here are tips of Philips Damiano, on how to make the business meetings “no souls-sucking” with some personal comments in italics:

1. Be timely – and don’t get too excited about the time you want to hold your invitees on your meeting – Damiano proposes max. 45 min. meetings, whereas some cutting edge companies organize it by principle in even shorter time-blocks, with no seats but at coctail tables in weel air conditioned rooms, so noone looses attention needed,

2. Have agenda that makes sense – or have an agenda at all and present it before the meeting start, you know what they say – no agenda = no meeting (in terms of contribution of participants you expect),

3. Be selective on who attends the meeting – and remember on preparation the after meeting minutes (most important conclusions and “to do’s” to circulate it afterwards and have tangible result out of the meeting),

4. Determine if you really need the meeting – one of my favourite corporate mems is this, which says “Are you lonely? Tired of working on your own? Do you hate making decisions ? Hold a meeting ! You can: see people, show charts, feel important, point with a stick, eat dounats, impress your colleagues – all on company time ! Meetings – the practical alternative to work.” – Meetings do really cost time, which can be wisely invested in business development, deals nurturing and sales closing – so think well before you decide to organize one 😉

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Dzida !