Who Invests in Levitating, Endless Spinnig and Fancy Style Yoga?

Boosting up your idea to market journey doesn’t necessarily means finding one specific strategic investor or Venture Capital. One of pretty competitive, fast growing alternative financing sources are crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo presented here some time ago.
In a nutshell crowdfunding is about investing small amounts of money by larger group of people into your concept development for rights to receive ready product or something related to its development return.
Here are 3 concepts co-financed with crowdfunding platforms, which you wouldn’t believe other people believed in and donated generously:

1. It looks that small and piece of metal doing nothing more than spinning around can also work for stimulating brainstorming or relieving stress. ForeverSpin proofes that there is still much place for innovations in metal processing business. Especially if you find out new applications and reach out to segments of customers not penetrated before. Presenting the invention people in a way they just can resist imagining they spin it may also play a role here 😉

2. If you liked hypnotizing spinning small piece of metal, then you’d better sit tight in order not to freak out seeing Levitating Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Hi-Fi Sound, which is not only believed to distribute sound perfectly, but what all speakers somehow missed this one made it up and is… waterproof 😉

3. Meteor Smart Watch, which is another invention vastly co-financed with crowdfunding is just making it harder for Apple and badly expected their new big thing – the iWatch 😉 With Metor SmartWatch you will not only have great alignment with you co-workers and buy some stakes for dinner. Now you’ll be able to do this having yoga session making you feel like an orchid flower on the surface of your favorite lake. And you’ll have no fear, because…. it’s waterproof . Of course;-)

Still having doubt’s whether crowdfunding is for you? Find below one of  start-up mantras I learned recently and go for it:

Sketch it, draw it, design it, refine it. Make it, prototype it, test it, tweak it. Work it break it, perfect it, ship it. Yuppie smile!”


                                                         Source: www.youtube.com

Dzida !