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How to Get to Singularity University?

English word singularity means the quality of being one of a kind, and this what entrepreneurs will find in Singularity University in Silicon Valley, US. Singularity University is not a typical higher education school. Its mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies that address humanity’s greatest challenges.

You can find in its offer  intense entrepreneurial programmes like Exponential Manufacturing, or Exponential Medicine, but what the school is mostly famous of is its Global Solutions Programme.

Each year the Global Solutions Programme gathers future leaders, entrepreneurs, and technologists for 10 weeks to work together on team-based technology solutions tackling global challenges. The Programme covers, among others, Future Studies & Forecasting, Networks & Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and workshops when you can experience emerging, exponential technologies. During the programme you work with social entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, designers, physicians, and engineers o form real companies, and let the  ideas   grow further. Programme combines educational part with hands-on technology experience. In one of the past editions participants of the programme had the workshops  with autonomous car of Google, which had been acquired by one of university lecturers.

In this year, the 10 week Global Solutions Programme will take place from 18th of June till 28th of August 28.If you have a unique idea that will improve the lives of millions of people and would like to apply for the programme  in 2016 ,you can still do it through one of multiple Global Impact Competitions, enabling the winners  to participate in the Programme for free.

Applying is enabled for anyone who comes  from Central & Eastern Europe, Chile, Italy, Norway, Peru, South Africa or US. If you decide to go for it you’ll find some application tips & tricks in the video here.




Singularity University is not only an immersive entrepreneurial focused programme provider, but also a start-up accelerator, think-thank, and global community builder.

For its alumni school offers possibility to build and lead their own chapter or a salon, which enables them to connect with fellow alumni ,  spin around exponential technologies and work together further.

Alumni can build own chapter, or host a salon.

Dedicated to a dear colleague of mine, whose recommendation for participation in SU GSP 2016 I was honored to write. I keep my fingers crossed for you.


What Entrepreneurs Will Learn at MBA Studies?

Basing on own experience of participating in Professional MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at WU Executive Academy in Vienna, Austria I can openly admit that it is internalization of students and professors and unconventional teaching methods, which make MBA studies unique experience. What you shortly observes is that you substantially change the way you analyse business, makes decisions and your network of contacts starts growing exponentially.

Brand new campus reminding “city inside the city”, endless business-mixer events with distinguished guests from business and start-ups world are what complements to core classes delivered by professors teaching also at global business schools or managing directors of strategy consulting power houses.

On pretty critical path of “mastering creative destruction” at WU Executive Academy I learned that real business strategies are definitely not what companies communicate at their websites, that if you don’t have data enable to decide clearly, it’s the skill of building “well-educated guesses”, which is essential, that story-telling communication with allegories and metaphors is the way to win minds and heards of your audience and make speeches convincing and memorable. Fortunately you can learn here these a lot.

What I gained from meeting guest speekers in between the classes in events organized for us is that there are more than financials that makes companies profitable, it’s more than brand positioning makes them desirable and far more than design that makes them beautiful. It was also eye-opening how successful companies went through crises and were able to turn threats into opportunities.
Having already finished half of core business classes I have still remaining part of them to master by preparing to classes in pre-modules, actively contributing to core classes and delivering post-module assignments, incl. comprehensive group assignments. There will be also international residency in Boston, USA this year, and series of entrepreneurship and innovation specialization subjects and writing and defending the master thesis in the next one.
Curriculum and classes never bore, the cookbook of methods here includes virtual bridging courses, drilling down case studies in teams,  presenting in front of classes, decision making games, role playing, critical discussing or self-reflecting on concrete matters in your professional context.

Being considered as experienced in running various business initiatives and doing management consulting for a profession, or having graduated from PhD studies in Economics before I joined MBA programme I can frankly say that joining WU Executive Academy was one of the best development decisions I made ever and kind of investment which pays out immediate dividend.

It’s also kind of fun to do things with fellow students, who are entrepreneurs by profession or spirit and come from Americas, Africa, Asia, or Europe. And if you are enough with classes you can always go to ball in imperial style and swing from the chandeliers with them 😉

Should you like to know more about the programme reach out directly to programme managers or to me. 

Dzida !


Twitter Hashtags, which Turn you into Entrepreneurial Rock Star

They say that Twitter is not form making connections, except initial informing world about your existance 😉 I

It is rather about community of similar interests and information exchange with people like you. 

So no matter if you are born or wanna be entrepreneuer, you had better know some hashtags maximizing your impact for sharing exerience with others and increasing the chances for getting some biztips 😉

Read more about 20 Twitter Hashtags that will turn you into Entrepreneurial Rock Star 😉

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Be Entrepreneurial, Grab Opportunities and Deliver them

O tym, że umiejętność autoprezentacji, czy w razie ich braku, posiadanie zdolności akrobatycznych może pomóc zdobyć pracę, czy wygrać nowy biznes wiadomo od dawna.

Nasza myśl na dziś to “Bądź przedsiębiorczy, identyfikuj okazje i angażuj się realizację tego co z nich wynika i jest wartościowe dla Ciebie.”

Bohater poniższego filmiku zamiast wyjść z pokoju, mógł przecież przynajmniej zapytać, czy i kiedy planowany jest kolejny casting na statystów 😉

Dzida !